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Campaign Calendar

Aspen Saturday Market,

August 3rd


Pitkin County Democrats Dinner,

Aug 28th, speaker, ticketed


Fire Adapted Colorado,

October 3rd,

speaker, ticketed


3rd November, election day


Draft on Housing

Draft on Conservation

Draft on Transportation

On Serving

On Voting



Jeffrey Woodruff Campaign Account

contributions are not tax deductible.

As per the Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder

contribution are limited to $500 per year for County races

Campaign mailing address is:

Jeffrey Woodruff Campaign Account

266 Light Hill Road

Snowmass, Colorado 81654

Paid for by:

Jeffrey Woodruff Campaign Account
Pitkin County,

Candidate District #4

Registered agent Jeffrey Woodruff Campaign Account

(As per Home Rule Charter, Form 6)

Please reach out to Jeffrey, Candidate for Pitkin County Commissioner- District 4

Thank you so much for reaching out, Jeffrey

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