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jeffrey woodruff’s architectural career in the roaring fork valley focuses on sustainable design, building for place and producing design that benefits the surrounding environment. today Jeffrey is driving for net zero energy homes with his residential and commercial clients, and modeling energy use early in design. his work focuses on embracing our natural surroundings.


the built environment should respect and enhance site, a critical regionalist respects place- the design is of here. Lessons from Ghost 13.

design ethos, comfort and light across intricate details and challenges in repose.


cloud hill design, llc is a signatory and member of architects declare. 


a few years ago we filmed a video dressed in a windbreaker and the lines went something like this:

do you race to stay in shape

do you race to get ahead

or do you race to see how much distance you can put between yourself and what they say could not be done

we think collaborating and partnering with the blacksmith on the patina of the hardware and the wood worker driving a twelve foot cove cut and the steel worker field welding the sky frame in twenty degree weather- is how we make this place we call home even more beautiful.

the details define beautiful spaces. our partners, our collaborators, and our friends with their trace paper and mirado warrior's, contribute to this repose and belonging.  a building, a structure, a furniture piece are an expression of the team's desire to create beauty.

when you live in a place as beautiful as the roaring fork valley you are surrounded not only by nature, but crafts people drawn to their love of place and many times you share in seeing the same vista.

an architectural practice pairs well with consultants who you call friends, with artists love of their craft- they are the best at what they do- and with contractors who delight in the joy of the design and the execution of the idea.


we design to come closer to nature.

we race to use materials in a way they say we could not do.

we do not accept ordinary, we partner, we collaborate and we know we can do more together.

we should tread lightly on the ground.

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