Lot 2

A family cabin, mature aspen and spruce and walking distance to pizza.  A cabin disappears in its surroundings.  A breezeway provides some negative space. Circulation is extracted from the plan, opening up space for friends to the cabin, to roam.  


Indoors and outdoors blend seamlessly through the simple structure and sit alongside the natural landscape.


No ornate planting plan, just love for what is already there.

East Durant

Billy Joel would be proud.


Magritte would say this is not a glass house.

Lots p + q

Tyrolean Chalet, circa 1953 meets 2021.

On the West Side
aka Aspen redux

Moving from the East to the West, you imbue comfort and light. A place to work, to respect the design moves on the table and embrace the bold character of place.

Lot 8

Sometimes fitting in with your surroundings is walking with your client in the field and understanding that place is about belonging, being present and loving where you live. It is about the shade from the neighboring bluff, casting its shadow early. It is about blurring the lines between shelter and inside and belonging on the land.

Lot 30

Lot 30 with 12,985' providing a stunning backdrop.