Project 1

Through rapid design charrettes, you expose ideas to people and place. You begin to understand the capabilities of materials and the weight of your decisions is immediately manifest. You are not confined by norms, but attempting to create beauty in what earlier in the day was a piece of air dried oak. 

The lignin in the wood begins to react to its new form.

Project 2

The Aspen Center for Physics' outdoor classroom is the home to lectures and debates.  The space frame like structure is comprised of 197 pieces of steel fabricated by Eric and his crew in Glenwood. One ton of slate chalkboards bookend the room.  "Think digital, act analog," is expressed through the intricate details.


The blue of Herbert Bayer's concrete masonry walls restored to their original color and the light of the structure held up by grape ivy.

Project 3

Harry Teague, AIA, was the architect for Twin Lakes Lodge.  Jeffrey was the designer for the clients builders set and construction administration work.  The lodge, paying homage to the 1880's cabin sited to the East is home to three generations. The project features hand hewn trusses, sourced locally and site fabricated. The project utilizes Delta Millwork's Kebony Half Gator and Kebony unfinished. An abundance of glass deployed on the South and West facades capture the neighboring peaks and Twin Lakes.

Project 4
aka Aspen redux

Moving from the East to the West, you imbue comfort and light. A place to work, to respect the design moves on the table and embrace the bold character of place.

Project 5

Sometimes not changing, but honoring what already exists is the best move you can make.


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