Silver Lining

Aspen Times, Silver Lining Interview with Jeffrey Woodruff

Jeffrey Woodruff

Location: Old Snowmass Occupation:

Designer. I have been back at the drawing board -- the power of analogue drafting!

What Are You Doing To Cope During Corona?

Expressing Poetic thoughts from 7600':

Serviceberry shrubs in vivid bloom, swaying, signaling the advancing spring storm Deer dining on the sagebrush and grasses, returning to the creeks below

Wind winding around the coniferous trees, ignoring the man made silence Robin’s ephemeral presence atop a juniper, scouting for the next perch

Sopris, freshly cloaked in spring snow, a new outfit.

A panorama undisturbed, a bluebird sky without contrails

Fresh, undisturbed Fourteen square miles of land for spring calving

A two-track road, closed for the season

When did we trade our flaneur status for four wheels?

Zelda on four legs powers up the fire road

Journeys through the backyard.

No silver mining, the silver lining is largely undisturbed.

Overlooking pastures in perfect repose

The streams below are recharged.

The confluence of two valleys.

A new season in the Rockies

Observing John Denver’s sanctuary up close.

Discovering the terrain next door.

Acres of sagebrush, juniper and serviceberry shrubs.