Updated: Feb 25, 2021

There is an environmental push for electrification. If our utility provider's energy is sourced from 100% renewable production, then electrification should be a given with new single family residence construction? How can we continue to burn and pollute using propane and natural gas for home heating and or cooking, when we have clean heating and cooking sources?

An induction stove heats that metal (18/8 stainless steel) is efficient- you are heating the coffee pot. The induction stove heats the element (through magnetic induction), a Bialetti Coffee Maker. An espresso, served up in 60 seconds. The coffee is free of fumes from the burning of propane or natural gas- it is simply the aroma of the Bristot Organic Italian espresso.

Clients looking to build in the mountains need to consider the efficacy of cooking with gas v. induction. They also need to consider whether a delivery from a gas company in a snowstorm makes sense? What is the indoor air quality of a house burning natural gas or propane vs a residence cooking with electricity?

If you believe gas or propane is part of a disaster recovery programme (no lights, but you can cook)... then why not add solar and batteries to this thread?