Bloom already

Rudolf Steiner would turn to me and say, "Patience". We have a calendar and the flowers on the service berries and the cactus are on time. The scrub oak is fine, it is recovering from a dry winter, but it know it has to play a part. The gambel oak will be back with its leaves. It is dry, but the scrub oak belongs here. The scrub oak will shade the path again. You will walk the path in six months and kick the scrub oaks dry leaves. The scrub oak is still enjoying the barrenness of winter, the quiet calm of the shorter days. The scrub oak will join you for the longer days and warmer nights. It is waiting for one more drenching, one more afternoon of strong , soaking showers covering its roots. Be patient, the rocky hill side's cactus are flowering and they are telling you the high mountain desert will be fine. The scrub oak will produce new leaves and you will kick the fall of the autumn leaves soon enough.