ampersand (place)

influence 1

When you live in a mews house, your backgammon games and scrabble take place at the pub.  The pub is an extension of your living room. Homes are smaller when public places are gathering places. 

Influence 2

Everyday walks in the backyard show amazing growth, change and life. Appreciating nature's resilience- given drought and our impact on the local ecosystem, nature prevails.

Influence 3

The unread library tells you what I will become. The analog informs design decisions. 

Influence 4

Travel and architecture. Native stone that has been in place since 850. For 1150 years.  A lintel, surrounding stacked stone. 

What happened to craft? What happened to local materials? What happened to resolving the intent of the materials?


How beautiful is the material in your backyard.

The stone is local. It did not travel a fortnight on a freighter.